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Steps Involved in Purchasing
Steps Involved in Selling
1.Selecting a Property

First, you will select a property or multiple properties you
would like to take a look at. We can also select properties
for you according to your needs.


Here we will view actual properties. Information on each property will be provided
thoroughly by the agent, along with consultation on topics such as payment
methods, purchase/sales processes, schedules, inspections, etc.

3.Purchase Contract

When you find a property you are interested in purchasing, we will put together a purchase contract to
submit to the seller. The purchase contract will reflect your offer, or the price you wish to purchase your
property of interest at.

4.Agreement of Purchase Contract

The seller will review the purchase contract we submit. If for whatever reason they are not satisfied with the
content of the contract, they will submit a counter offer that reflects their desires. Once both parties come to
a consensus on the content of the sales, the property will move into an official sales procedure.


The first step of the official sales procedure is opening a new escrow account.
Once both parties come to an agreement based on the purchase contract, the agent will open an escrow
account with an escrow company, where all factors concerning the purchase/sales of the property will be put
into the custody to this third party for a smooth and unbiased transaction.

6.Initial Deposit

The buyer must make an initial deposit of $1,000 into escrow (amount may vary according to the contract).

7.Title Investigation

A thorough investigation on the background of the property will take place by escrow.

8.Property Inspection

A thorough inspection of the property - including aspects such as whether utilities
are functioning properly, or if there are any damages to the property - will be
conducted by a professional inspector.

9.Reviewing Documents on Property

We will review all information regarding the property, including condominium documents and survey maps.

10.Additional Deposit

If the property inspection is completed smoothly with no major problems, the client will make a second
deposit into escrow (amount will vary according to the contract).

11.Termite Inspection

A thorough termite inspection of the property will take place.

12.Loan Approval

In the case that the buyer is purchasing a property on a loan, it must be authorized before final documents
are signed.


A notary public will accompany the buyer in notarizing all
legal documents needed for closing the property.

14.Final Inspection

A final inspection of the property will take place, including thorough cleaning.


When all inspections are completed, the remaining balance is paid.

16.Ownership Conveyed

The ownership is transferred and the deal is closed.

Congratulations on your new home !
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We first and foremost value your satisfaction. Your satisfaction is our goal.
For that we are serious about our accountability.
Atsuko is happy to assist you on your journey towards achieving your dream in Hawaii.

1.Property Consultation

A free property consultation will take place, which includes a thorough condition check, and other discussions
such as choosing the right listing price.

2.Contract / Preparation

Upon agreement to list the property, the property will undergo necessary renovations and staging processes.
This is a crucial step in order to prepare the property to an appealing state for prospective buyers.

3.List Property through MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

Listing real estate on this online real estate system will give clients an opportunity to expose their property to
a wider range of prospective buyers.

4.Marketing / Open House

We will use various forms of media in order to effectively
market the property, and sit open houses to expose the
property to prospective buyers.


When a buyer makes an offer, we will review the content of the contract carefully and prepare a counter offer
if necessary. When both parties agree on the details of the contract the sales of the property will be

6.Repairing , Cleaning , Moving , and other Services

We will provide necessary services accordingly.

7.Notary Signing

A notary public will accompany the client in notarizing all
legal documents needed for the sales of the property.


Transfer ownership to buyer. Property sold.

Completed Sale
9.Post-sales Consultation Services

We will introduce helpful professionals (including accountants) according to whatever the clientsf needs are
after the sales of their property.

We welcome those looking to buy or sell real estate in Hawaii. Please contact Atsuko Sato for further inquiry. We can introduce Japanese-speaking accountants,lawyers, loan officers, insurance companies, and banks.



Post-Close Obligations
Payment of Property Tax

Payment of taxes on purchased property will be obliged semiannually.
¨For further information on property tax

Payment of Maintenance Fees

Depending on the purchased property, payment of monthly maintenance fees will be obliged.
¨For further information on maintenance fees

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